Wrapping Up: The Future of the Groundswell


In the last chapter of the Groundswell, the authors talk about the future of the Groundswell which is basically the reason why a company would want to become immersed in the Groundswell in the first place.

The reason? Because it is ubiquitous. As a society, we have become increasingly able to access anything internet related on our smartphone, computer, or our tablet. If we’re hungry, and we look on our smartphone and see that we have a Groupon available for a restaurant nearby, we can purchase it and immediately use it (depending on the fine print). If we want to give a review on how a dress we got online is completely different once we received it in person, that option is available. From what I have read, the Groundswell becoming ubiquitous boils down to two things that businesses need to know.

1. The real time response and participation that companies must have in the Groundswell in order to satisfy stakeholders- This means responding to customers when they write on your Facebook wall, mention you on Twitter, comment on your blog, so you are encouraging conversation and showing that you are listening to the Groundswell.

2. Companies must encompass transparency in order to survive- This means when customers inquire on social mediums or complain about the product/service they received, the company is able to thoroughly give the consumer the answer they are looking for without hiding behind the smoke and mirrors.

Since the tracking devices on our smartphone are becoming increasingly intelligent, smartphones are using our data to provide a more customized experience in our everyday lives. For example, if we’re passing by the mall, our phone can inform us which of our favorite stores are having a sale. Another example is tweeting about how backpacking in Europe has been a lifelong dream, and then having airline company’s notifying you about seat sales and hostels. The list goes on and basically gathering all this consumer data presents companies will more opportunities to market and sell. This is why a business would be completely out of their mind to not become a part of the Groundswell NOW because sooner or later, they will be left in the dust.

TELUS has been my example for most of my comparisons to the Groundswell. The telecommunications company is participating and is ready for the Groundswell movement. Their Facebook, Twitter, blog, and online chat are all methods to reach out to customers and listen. It is evident that they have dedicated a team to this area and are completely prepared when all companies and customers are fully participating in the Groundswell.

I will leave you with seven lessons that the author states that will help with the Groundswell transition. Most of these lessons have been implied from my previous blog posts.

1. Never forget that the Groundswell is about person-to-person activity

2. Be a good listener

3. Be patient

4. Be opportunistic

5. Be flexible

6. Be collaborative

7. Be humble



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