TELUS and Tapping the Groundswell with Twitter


In chapter ten of the Groundswell, the authors talk about Tapping the Groundswell with Twitter. From my experience, I believe that companies who want to get immersed in the Groundswell but do not know where to start, Twitter is the quickest way to get started.

Since the social media site only allows 140 characters per post, not much can go wrong. In addition, if you wanted to pursue a conversation further with someone you were tweeting with you can always direct message them. Another facet of Twitter is as a consumer or a company being able to tweet the exact person you want to talk to whether it is a CEO or a celebrity. Gone are the days of writing letters and hoping for a response back. Twitter makes your opinion much more powerful because other people are looking at what you posted and may ‘retweet’ what you said or ‘mention’ you even if it was not directed at them in the first place.

I have talked about in my previous postings about a time when I tweeted at a company (TD Canada Trust) about a service I was unhappy with (their minimum overdraft protection) and the fact that they never responded back left me pretty unsatisfied.

Looking at TELUS and Twitter, they do have their own Twitter page. Right now, in light of the HTC One, a soon to be released smartphone, they are running a contest for their followers asking questions associated with the word ONE. Their most recent question was “Who’s your ONE mentor in life?”

By having this contest, among other topics on their Twitter, TELUS is talking, listening, and energizing with Twitter. They are getting customers excited about a new product, they are listening to responses given in the contest, and energizing by fostering conversation about the subject matter.

TELUS also has another twitter dedicated to TELUS questions or concerns called @TELUSsupport. Having multiple Twitters that are continuously updated demonstrate the fact that TELUS does have a social media staff on board. This allows their following to never be neglected and proves that they are tapping the Groundswell with Twitter.


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