How TELUS Supports Itself in the Groundswell


In Chapter Eight of the Groundswell, the author talks about ‘helping the Groundswell support itself.’ What I took away from this chapter is ways in which companies can provide customer service to consumers through the medium of social media. In addition, ways in which a company can hold the customer’s hand without the customer coming into the store or having to call the customer service line. In this day and age, social media provides a valuable platform for companies to provide ongoing customer service to clients.

TELUS has several methods to help provide ongoing customer service without having clients to move or pick up a phone.

For inquiries about TELUS TV products, the telecommunications company has a chat site where customers can input their name and phone number and their questions, hit submit and it takes them to a live chat where they can talk one on one with an agent. Answering customer concerns this way provides the customer with convenience and satisfaction. As well, TELUS save money on call centers.

Another way that TELUS helps customers without human contact is through the TELUS Myaccount app. The application allows a customer to view and pay their bill on their smartphone. As well, they can make an rate plan changes right on the app and they would not have to pay the paper bill fee. The contents of this app is also available through the web if the customer did not have a smartphone.

Having these options available for customers on mostly a 24/7 basis prevents the customer from not feeling lost or distraught if they were to instantly come across a problem with their TELUS products. As well, like I said before it drives down the volume of traffic into call centers which means huge cost savings. In addition, it makes customers happy to know that there is a solution at all times whenever they run into any trouble whether it is present in their computer or smartphone. Hence why TELUS states that ‘the future is friendly.’


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