Chapter 6: TELUS and Talking with the Groundswell


In Chapter Six of the Groundswell, the author talks about Talking with the Groundswell. The author explains how talking with the Groundswell differs from marketing because marketing is considered ‘Shouting’ with the Groundswell in the form of advertising or public relations. Whereas ‘Talking’ encourages conversation between the customer and the company through blogs, discussion forums and social networks. I found this interesting because shouting is not as effective nowadays mainly because of the internet. Since access to the internet is very easy to come by, whatever a company is preaching about their product can be disproven very easily through product reviews and word of mouth.

Relating this to TELUS and whether or not they talk with the Groundswell, I have come to the conclusion that they are talking and in many mediums.

The Groundswell talks about 5 techniques for talking with the Groundswell. Four of them that are talked about in this chapter are:

1. Post a viral video- By posting a video online, it allows people to share it. TELUS does this with their YouTube channel.

2. Engage in social networks and user generated content sites- TELUS extends their brand reach by immersing themselves in many forms of social networks. They have a Twitter and a Facebook page in which they share events they care about, new viral videos, and tips and tricks on their products. These mediums allow customers to comment on these postings, creating conversation between the company and consumer, making the company more engaging.

3. Join the blogosphere- By googling ‘TELUS blog’, I was able to essentially come across TELUS’ blog. The blog tagline states ‘sharing and discussing ideas that TELUS is passionate about’. Blog’s are appropriate when companies have multiple sets of customers or have complex products or services. Both of which TELUS encompasses. The content of the blog has much more thorough theories and notion than their Twitter and Facebook, focussing less on the cute cuddly critters and more on their perception of their stance in the telecommunications industry and also opinions on how society and critics perceive them. In additon, CSR practices, events sponsored by TELUS, and how they put the customer first. TELUS having a blog is a great way for the company to dispel fabrications about the company and let their consumers and critics know what they are really up to since it is straight from the horses’ mouth.

4. Create a community- After doing some research, it appeared that TELUS made their community synonymous with their blog. The Groundswell states that communities are a powerful way to engage with your customers and deliver value to them. TELUS’ other social platforms cater to this need however, I noticed on their Twitter, there was not much conversation fostered rather just posts.

Overall, TELUS has taken full advantage of talking with the Groundswell. By immersing themselves in all social platforms, TELUS is able to educate consumers, answer customer inqueries, provide advice on their products and foster an awareness of issues and matters the telecommunications company is passionate about.


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