A four step planning process, a systematic framework for assembling your plan

A four step planning process, a systematic framework for assembling your plan of tapping into the Groundswell.


In Chapter Four of the Groundswell, the author talks about the POST process, a four step planning process that should be used to build your Groundswell strategy. TELUS is already much immersed in the Groundswell because they utilize all forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They are already fully aware of the strategy they are pursuing, so I just went through the four step process to try to capture and analyze what the Telecommunications Company is already thinking in order to make sure that “the future is friendly.”

People. The customer base at TELUS is ready for almost anything. Since it is a company that serves all ages and provides many technological needs, the types of consumers vary. However, judging from the Social Techno graphics profile, joiners and spectators conjure up the highest social participation which makes sense because their role is to basically participate and consume social media. This can benefit TELUS because the telecommunications company has social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and customers can follow these sites and be engaged on a daily basis.

Objectives. TELUS’ business function is marketing so with that they are able to pursue the groundswell objective talking. From examining TELUS’ Facebook and Twitter, the topics they like to talk about are their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, their newest products, and tips and tricks on how to use their products the most efficiently. TELUS clearly wants these topics to be known by customers so they choose to spread it through talking in the Groundswell and getting customers to talk about or share this information.

Strategy. By talking to the Groundswell, customer’s will feel that they are being heard sooner and more frequently which they will enjoy. This will strengthen the relationship TELUS has with their customers. As well, customer will feel like they have more control in the business they have with TELUS since they can communicate with them in a more direct manner and be one of the first to hear new information through social media.

Technology. The type of platform TELUS should enable to reach their customers can be several forms. Having a Twitter or Facebook page would be considered an asset because that is what many joiners and spectators use so they would definitely be reached. As well, their YouTube channel is important because a lot of consumers enjoy their commercials and if they were not able to watch TV somehow, they could view it all on the YouTube channel. YouTube is good for visual entertainment for the user, however, as long as any of the common social networks are used, TELUS will be able to provide enough reach to talk to customers about new products and tips and tricks.


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