Cash incentives for taking the Two Wheeler!

Just thought I would share an article I came across that talks about how some workplaces in Toronto are providing their employees with cash incentives for riding their bike to work. The company discussed in the article, Bursting Silver, rewards their staff double the mileage ($1/km) for bicycling to work and to clients than if they were to drive. The company accommodates the idea even further by providing quality bike racks and showers for employees upon their arrival to the workplace.

This article really enticed my interest because when I finally acquire a job suitable to my HR education, I would want my job to be within biking distance to my home. In addition, it’s economical in every aspect, it can save cab fare, it can save gas money, and reduces air pollution one bike at a time. As well, I would feel more intrinsically motivated and proud to work for a company that would reward healthy behavior! It would also be an additional way to grow your money in an organization. The only challenge would be biking in these cold Canadian winters.

Questions for my cyber peeps:

Do you feel more enticed to work for a company that provided cash incentives for biking to work?

Do you feel that this biking policy is an effective way to attract the attention of young graduates (Generation Y)?

Check out the video from Global Toronto talking about the rising trend.



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