My First Post

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blogosphere! The reason I created this blog is because I am taking a social media marketing class in my last semester of my business degree (Hi Ray!). This class has been very interesting thus far mainly because of all the material being covered! As a frequent social media user, I am surprised that I am learning more and more each week about this class because I didn’t know how complex social media could get!

One of the textbooks we are reading in MARK 474 is called the Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. In Chapter three, these authors talk about the social technographics profile, basically how consumers participating in social media are classified. It reminds me of the cafeteria scene in Mean Girls. I have attached the Social Technographics ladder to provide clarification. Taking a look at the ladder, one can immediately classify themself. I participate in several social media sites and I would have to say while I’m more active on some more than others, I am generally a ‘joiner’Image

The site that I am the biggest joiner on is definitely Facebook. On Facebook all I do is like things and occasionally post pictures. Facebook does not feel personal to me in comparison to other sites. In addition, I like to treat people the way I want to be treated on Facebook which is to not annoy everyone with every single detail of my personal life.

If you take a look at the TOP of the social ladder, you can see that it is the Creator consumers who are the fairest of them all. When I think of the creators out there, my immediate thought was Jenna Marbles. How do I explain Jenna Marbles? She is a semi normal young adult who posts Youtube videos every Wednesday about random topics. With her self-depreciating humour and relatable topics and has gained a huge fan following. She is honestly laugh out loud funny and you instantly want to befriend her. Jenna Marbles is an example in my eyes of a creator because she gets millions of hits on every video she posts and is widely know by people my age.

So how much does a Youtuber of this calibre cash in? After doing some research, the consensus seemed to be that Jenna Marbles is making close to half a million a year. While the makeup of this salary is vague, it shows the power that creators have and how encouraging it is to attempt social media and get to this level. Social media had made people ‘famous’ that would have not have had this attention before without obvious talent like singing, dancing, or acting. Jenna has completely tapped into the groundswell and her brand,  following and power is apparent.

Check out her videos if you haven’t already! I would have posted one but her pottymouth might make some uncomfortable. My personal faves are her celebrity impressions (GaGa, Ke$ha, Snooki) and I REALLY connected with “Things Boys Don’t Understand.”


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