Three Ways to Analyze Social Media ROI

Calculating ROI on Social Media In order for organizations to see a return on social media, it is important for the business to make a social objective. This way the company has vision and direction in order to get closer to achieving the ROI they are hoping for. The following are several ways an organization … Continue reading

Wrapping Up: The Future of the Groundswell

In the last chapter of the Groundswell, the authors talk about the future of the Groundswell which is basically the reason why a company would want to become immersed in the Groundswell in the first place. The reason? Because it is ubiquitous. As a society, we have become increasingly able to access anything internet related on our smartphone, … Continue reading

TELUS and Energizing the Groundswell

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. According to the Groundswell, it is ‘believable, self reinforcing, and self-spreading.’ I find this very true, how many times has you made the decision to buy something because of a recommendation of a friend or family? As well, if you are satisfied with … Continue reading

TELUS and Tapping the Groundswell with Twitter

In chapter ten of the Groundswell, the authors talk about Tapping the Groundswell with Twitter. From my experience, I believe that companies who want to get immersed in the Groundswell but do not know where to start, Twitter is the quickest way to get started. Since the social media site only allows 140 characters per post, not much can go … Continue reading

How TELUS Supports Itself in the Groundswell

In Chapter Eight of the Groundswell, the author talks about ‘helping the Groundswell support itself.’ What I took away from this chapter is ways in which companies can provide customer service to consumers through the medium of social media. In addition, ways in which a company can hold the customer’s hand without the customer coming … Continue reading

Chapter 6: TELUS and Talking with the Groundswell

In Chapter Six of the Groundswell, the author talks about Talking with the Groundswell. The author explains how talking with the Groundswell differs from marketing because marketing is considered ‘Shouting’ with the Groundswell in the form of advertising or public relations. Whereas ‘Talking’ encourages conversation between the customer and the company through blogs, discussion forums … Continue reading


POST Process: TELUS In Chapter Four of the Groundswell, the author talks about the POST process, a four step planning process that should be used to build your Groundswell strategy. TELUS is already much immersed in the Groundswell because they utilize all forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They are already … Continue reading

Benefits of TELUS Creating Their Own Internal Social Network

In Chapter eleven of the Groundswell, the text talks about tapping into the Groundswell inside your company. According to the book, by tapping into internal Groundswell applications, this can help employees feel more “empowered, connected and more committed on a day-to-day basis” (Li, Bernoff, 2008). I believe this to be true because working for a … Continue reading


Hi everyone, Just thought I’d share one of my ideal vacations, Holy Ship. This rave cruise runs annually. This January will be it’s third run and it’s basically a bunch of AMAZING electronic DJ’s on a cruise that leaves from Florida and goes to the Carribean. Definitely hoping to hop on this ship next Jan. … Continue reading